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Remove Tourists from Your Photos

Holidaying soon? Avid photographer? Get annoyed by ‘tourists’ ruining your otherwise perfect pictures?

Thanks to a Google Reader glitch this morning that has set the last two years worth of Lifehacker posts as unread, I’ve just spotted a wonderful post from dsphotographic on removing those pesky humans from your otherwise great photos.

Every notable landmark seems to have one thing in common: visitors, and lots of them. But if you want that postcard shot or that image that shows how the location may have once appeared, you have a challenge ahead of you.

via Lifehacker

Online ‘Shopping

That’s photoshopping to you, Mr Layman.

Yesterday, Adobe released the long-awaited, online version of the coveted Photoshop; Photoshop Express. At first glance it looks impressive and offers many neat features.

Now before you go berserk, let us exercise some journalistic caution — it’s not everything you can do in Photoshop fit into a web browser. Not nearly.

No layers here, no fancy pants masking. But for 95% of your photos, it offers pretty much all you need to fix ‘em up, and it does it with style.

Whether adjusting exposure, white balance, or hue, touching up blemishes, or distorting your image, Photoshop Express provides an easy slider and thumbnails to give you an instant preview of your image at various settings. Even undo is better than you’d expect.

As one who occasionally needs to edit images while in work (on my lunch-break, natch), it looks like there will be some tough competition between Photoshop Express and my current favourite online editor, Picnik.

via Photojojo