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Graduating into the Recession and What Next

For recent graduates, those in their early 20’s and, well, almost everyone else, the job market at the moment is overwhelming bad. There’s hope, of course, and this interview between recent graduate and entrepreneur Alex J. Mann and Phila Lawyer discussing what it’s like graduating into one of the nastiest job markets in history is a good place to start in trying to understand what it’s like and where to go.

If there is one upside to the economic downturn, it’s that suddenly we’ve been put in the position to creatively fend for ourselves. For instance, when all of the traditional career options that a business major typically approaches have gone thin, the desperation is followed by a wave of experimentation. […] In my opinion, this is how it should be. College, or any form of education, shouldn’t create a path or destiny. It should create options to choose our own.

The few ambitious ones are going into entrepreneurial ventures. But, the majority of students are too scared to take that responsibility, because society tells us otherwise. A positive sign is there are plenty of students attempting to use the Internet to either market themselves, or to attempt to monetize their ideas. There are mini-movements of students realizing that they can leverage the Internet to do both what makes them happy and creates cash flow (yes, both!). It is uncommon though.

[…] There’s a strong sense of entrepreneurship with people my age now, even if they aren’t all acting on it. There’s an itch to go do something on your own.

The interview touches on many topics—education, entrepreneurship, generational differences/expectations, the economy—and it’s also worth popping over to Alex’s site to read a couple of his after-thoughts.