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Essential Startup Essays

Om Malik presents what he believes are the ten essential startup essays of 2009:

  1. Paul Graham: What Startups Are Really Like
  2. Sean Ellis: Milestones to Startup Success
  3. Eric Ries: Myth: Entrepreneurship Will Make You Rich
  4. Venture Hacks: What Is the Minimum Viable Product?
  5. Mike Speiser: The Power of Continuous Improvement
  6. Mike Speiser: Getting Comfortable With People Who Make You Uncomfortable
  7. Tony Wright: The Funnel Principle: Software & Making Money
  8. Andrew Chen: Does Every Startup Need a Steve Jobs?
  9. Josh Porter: Designing for Social Traction
  10. David Skok: Startup Killer: The Cost of Customer Acquisition

I’ve not read them all, but the ones I have are excellent and definitely worth your time. I’ll be getting to the remainders shortly.