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Your Personal Love–Growth–Cash Triangles

Personal love–growth–cash triangles: a visual method for evaluating your life, your career, and everything in between.

Personal Love–Growth–Cash Triangle

“If you have a shit job, come up with new ways to learn something out of it. If you have a hobby you’re super-excited about, try to turn it into a business. If you’re just starting a new gig, instill it with something you’re passionate about.”

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Peak or Trough – You Are a Start-Up

Are you on a peak or in a trough? Looking for a kick-start? Then you can do worse than reading, absorbing, and taking to heart Ryan Holiday‘s article, This is My Life:

[Look at developing yourself] like a start up. You are a start up. Don’t worry about monetization. Or a safety net or health insurance or an office. Aim for critical mass and pick up support wherever you can. Woo every customer. Find something that no one else does and do it better than they ever can. Invest in yourself. Sweat equity. What are you doing? Do you love it? Start ups run on love. Read the books. Look for the angel investors. Have an exit strategy.

Don’t Follow Your Passion – Fix Your Lifestyle

Fix the lifestyle you want. Then work backwards from there.

A novel take on the typical inspirational graduation speech. It’s not about following your passion or not taking yourself too seriously. They’re important, but this is different.

The idea is to not think of your ideal job, but to think of your ideal lifestyle. To think of it in detail down to minute details of how you want to live your life. Only from there can you begin to construct your career goals – aiming not for that ideal job but aiming for that ideal lifestyle.

After all, isn’t that what you’re really after?

Tips on Mini-Retirements from Tim Ferriss and JD Roth

How to Take a Mini-Retirement: Tips and Tricks from Timothy Ferriss is the first part of a two-part interview between JD Roth (of the excellent personal finance site, Get Rich Slowly) and he of 4HWW fame, Timothy Ferriss.

There’s an apt quote in the interview on something I’m currently struggling with:

The hardest part is deciding. Because until you decide, most people can’t plan. As soon as you say, “I’m going to go on Orbitz [an Internet travel site popular in the US], and I’m going to buy this ticket” — once you make that decision then all of a sudden it’s pulled out of the realm of hopeful thinking and it goes into tactical mode.

I think that first sentence can apply to many areas in your life – not just travel. For me, it relates to work.

Lifestyle Costing – Reverse Engineering Your Ideal Wage

April sees the start of another financial year and as such I find myself thinking about financial matters more often than is typical.

I then stumbled across Plonkee’s How Much Do I Need to Earn? post, detailing how she reverse engineered her ideal salary. I had a go myself, and it’s quite enlightening; it reminds me a lot of Tim Ferriss’ Ideal Lifestyle Costing.

Both are worth checking out and running the calculations purely to see how much you would really need to earn to do what you like… it was way less than I imagined.