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How To Be Happy in Business

‘What we do well’, ‘What we can be paid to do’ and ‘What we want to do’ are the sets in Bud Caddell’s ‘How To Be Happy in Business’ Venn diagram.

Reminding me of the love–growth–cash triangle (previously posted), this Venn diagram is an infographic worth looking at on an annual or semi-annual basis to quickly get a feel for the direction your professional life is heading.

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(From another Undercurrent strategist, Mike Arauz: the “I’d Rather Be Watching Porn” Test: “because your competition on the Internet is everything else on the Internet“.

Media Usage Over Time (1800–2020)

Accepting its unscientific’ness, Thomas Baekdal presents an inforgraphic depicting the usage of different types of media over time—from 1800 to 2020.

In the past 210 years we have seen an amazing evolution of information. […] But 2009 is also going to be the start of the next revolution. Because everything we know is about to change.

The first and most dramatic change is the concept of Social News. Social news is quickly taking over our need for staying up-to-date with what goes on in the world. News is no longer being reported by journalists, now it comes from everyone. And it is being reported directly from the source to you – bypassing the traditional media channels.

[…] Websites have a much lesser role, as their primary function will be to serve as a hub for all the activities that you do elsewhere. It is the place where people get the raw material for use in other places. And the websites and social networks will merge into one. Your website and blog is your social profile.

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Iran Political System Infographic

Nicolas Rapp—an Art Director for the Associated Press—has produced a timely and simple infographic depicting Iran’s “complex and unusual political system”.

Iran’s political system combines elements of democracy and religion. Institutions controlled by the Supreme Leader [elected by the Assembly of Experts] are balanced by an elected president and parliament.

Wikipedia’s Politics of Iran article (and the accompanying infographic) also helped my understanding, as did the BBC’s take on the issue.

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The Economist Daily Chart

The Daily Chart from The Economist is one of those links where it’s been around so long and is so great that you feel everyone must know about it already.

Visualising data from a diverse range of topics, The Daily Charts are almost always impeccably executed and surprising.

The RSS feed for the feature is fairly lacklustre and if you know of/discover a better one do let me know.