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What People Pay For

As a natural follow-up to his Monetizing Your Web App article [previously], Dan Zambonini looks at user needs and what people are willing to pay for:

  • Time: Convenience, Efficiency, Immediacy
  • Scarcity
  • Comfort
  • Esteem: Id, Desirability, Self-Image, Ego
  • Belonging: Relationships, Sex, Affection
  • Survival: Health, Safety, Wellbeing
  • Financial Security: Wealth, Success, Career
  • Entertainment: Emotion, Experiences
  • Intellectual Stimulation: Creativity, Learning, Expression

I concur with this:

I highly recommend reading Kevin Kelly’s brilliant Better Than Free article, where he discusses the concept of “Generatives”: non-copyable qualities that retain value in a digital age.

Those generatives: Immediacy, Personalization, Interpretation, Authenticity, Accessibility, Embodiment, Patronage and Findability.

Guest Posts (2) – Thanks

Still on vacation, Dan Zambonini has been your host here on Lone Gunman for the past week. While here, Dan published six items:

Travelling from Tokyo to Sydney and onwards to Melbourne over the last week I’ve had a little bit of time to produce a few posts of my own.

This coming week I’ll be producing some of my own posts… but only a few. More guests posts soon.

Many thanks to Dan.

Guest Posts (2)

I’m away on vacation, and last week Alex J. Mann took over Lone Gunman for the week and produced five thoughtful posts:

This coming week, your host is Dan Zambonini—a true Renaissance man.

Dan is the co-founder of the excellent Box UK (“creators of amazing web apps” and much more besides) and not only has his own tag here at Lone Gunman but also may be the source of more posts than any other person.

Dan is a great person to follow on Twitter, and you can do that here. If you’re interested in things web you should subscribe to Dan’s company blog here, and if you love design, you should follow his personal Tumblr-style blog here (where you can find further links to his many projects in the sidebar).

On top of all this, Dan also helps to organise some fine events around the UK. I spoke at one not too long ago (Ignite Cardiff) and now the first Ignite London is currently lining up speakers—one to watch.

Thanks to Alex and thanks to Dan.

Business Models for Web Apps

Looking at the business models of the top 100 web apps of 2008, Dan Zambonini of Box UK found that 34% use Advertising, 12% a Variable Subscription model, and a further 8% each for Virtual Products, Related Products and Pay-Per-Use.

Continuing this analysis he compiles an extensive list of different methods to monetize web apps.

via @zambonini

Website Launch Checklist

Here’s a great checklist for when you’re developing and launching a new website, as produced by Dan Zambonini of Box UK. Topics covered include:

  • Pre-Launch
    • Content and Style
    • Standards and Validation
    • Search Engine Visibility, SEO and Metrics
    • Functional Testing
    • Security/Risk
    • Performance
    • Finishing Touches
  • Post-Launch
    • Marketing
    • Ongoing

via @zambonini