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Furniture Knock Offs as Copyright Theft

With two of my main interests being personal finance and copyrights (and wrongs), I always get giddy when the two collide.

Recently, Plonkee made me think: is condoning (buying) knock off furniture comparable to condoning copyright theft?

There are quite a few people who get quite passionate about the undesirability of knock offs. Check out this post on Apartment Therapy, for example, where various people chime in about the (reasonably assumed) lack of quality on the knock off and that you should support the designer.

Part of me thinks that that I should think that buying a reproduction is a bit like condoning copyright theft. But I don’t. It’s not like people don’t buy reproduction Chippendale, and no one thinks that’s a problem. And, I’m never going to spend £1300 on an armchair, no matter how nice it is, even £350 is quite a lot of money, really.