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Visualising the News (The Guardian & New York Times APIs)

The New York Times Developer Network is the media outlet’s “API clearinghouse” offering details of how you can get access to the extensive data they have released (from stories dating back to 1981).

Using this API, Jer Thorp has created some visualisations of NYT trends using Processing (a language I keep promising to take a serious look at). Two of my favourites: the frequency of the words ‘communism’ and ‘terrorism’ in NYT articles since 1981, and an abstract visualisation of the occurrence of the term ‘organic’.

Hot on the heels of The New York Times, The Guardian announced yesterday the release of their Open Platform which allows access to data from full-text articles back to 1999. The Open Platform consists of the Content API and the Data Store. Jer Thorp has already compiled a brief introduction to The Guardian’s API and has created a few early visualisations.

Also: Carl Morris on what this is all about and why it’s exciting and important.