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The Art of Sand

I initially passed over this Discover gallery but decided to take a look once @mocost linked to it.

Who would have thought that sand had such diversity and beauty? Evidently Gary Greenberg did when he compiled these microscopic photographs of sand for his book, A Grain of Sand.

Composed of the remnants of volcanic explosions, eroded mountains, dead organisms, and even degraded man-made structures, sand can reveal the history—both biological and geologic—of a local environment. And examined closely enough, as the scientist and artist Gary Greenberg has, sand can reveal spectacular colors, shapes, and textures.

Mind and Digital Photography Projects

Mind Bites is a wonderful photography project from Will Lion combining fantastic CC-licenced Flickr images with quotes from peer-reviewed cognitive science research. (For the masochists among you, there’s an interactive Flash gallery too.)

via Mind Hacks

Equally appealing is Lion’s Digital Bites; a similar project encompasing “internet, entertainment, media and brands”.

21 Digital Camera Settings, Techniques and Rules

A compilation of photography tutorials aimed at beginners from Darren Rowse’s Digital Photography School.

Some of these tutorials are fairly basic and may not be of great interest to anyone other than newcomers to digital photography. However, all of these tutorials are well-written and worth having a quick browse over, even if you are a seasoned professional.