Three Words of Startup Advice

Posted one at a time to his Twitter feed and spread using the #StartupTriplets tag, Dharmesh Shah–founder of HubSpot–has distilled his best startup advice into forty-seven three-word chunks: startup triplets. My favourite ten:

  • Hire generalists early.
  • Hire specialists later.
  • Invest in culture.
  • Encourage diverse thinking.
  • Decide with data.
  • Accept imperfect data.
  • Encourage rational debate.
  • Make decisions swiftly.
  • Face harsh realities.
  • Improve employees’ resumes.

Guy Kawasaki enjoyed the list and added a few more of his own, including:

  • Always under promise.
  • Use a Macintosh.
  • Eat only noodles.
  • Ship then test.

On those first two from Shah’s article; Dustin Curtis’ latest looks at why you should hire generalists early and specialists later.