Google Street View, Cardiff, UK

Yesterday I bumped into a Google Street View car while it was capturing images in Cardiff Bay (UK).

Unfortunately I was initially confused at the strange vehicle, only realising the obvious when I saw the big ‘Google’ sign on the side of it. If it was actually capturing data as it passed me I’m going to look like a gormless buffoon.

Update: I was standing here. Bloody brilliant!

Update 2: It appears that the Street View car has been ’round again and my image is no longer available.

8 thoughts on “Google Street View, Cardiff, UK

  1. swanchris

    Exactly the same thing happened to me while walking through llandaf, i dread to think what type of face i’ll be pulling.

    Would be pretty cool if we do end up on the street view map though :)

  2. Dave Bliss

    Hi! You guys may be interested to know that it is me driving around cardiff at the mo. I’ve been getting some pretty strange looks from everyone, and most people think I’m a speed camera car. There’s not much I can do to change the images Im afraid, but I’m sure you will look fine! I’m doing cardiff north over the next few days if you want a chance to redeem yourselves in the photos!

  3. Lone Gunman Post author

    Right, that’s it…

    I’m off to Whitchurch/Rhiwbina in my dapper clothes and with a clean-shaven face.

    Thanks for the comments – I’m really looking forward to seeing Cardiff’s Street View!

  4. Tom

    Hey, I saw it aswell in Whitchurch. Gave it a wave aswell :D
    Also tried following it on my bike :)

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