Books That Will Induce a Mindf**k

Trying to keep this site family-friendly (bring the kids… I’ll play with them) I thought a couple of asterisks would come in handy for my most recent find:

The den of iniquity that is Everything2 (I waste spend way too much time there) has a pearl of wisdom in Pseudomancer’s Books That Will Induce a Mindf**k.

By this it means books that give you thoughts so divine and perfect, they could almost be described as carnal. They excite you, they turn you on, they make you think beyond your present beliefs, they make you change your panties. I’ve read a few on the list, all of which I would recommend… a good list to look into, maybe?

(Above I’ve linked to the printable version of this page. I’ve done this as it was the only version I could find that gave me the full list!)