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Apple, Disney and Pixar: It’s the Products

Writ­ten in early 2006 shortly after Dis­ney’s acquis­i­tion of Pix­ar in a $7.4 bil­lion all-stock deal, Busi­nes­s­Week looks at the rela­tion­ship between the Dis­ney and Apple CEOs and where their rela­tion­ship may lead.

Pres­ci­ent in that it accur­ately pre­dicted the Apple TV and the iPhone, the art­icle also briefly looks at Jobs and his product-first mind­set:

“The great thing about Steve is that he knows that great busi­ness comes from great product,” says Peter Schneider, the former chair­man of Dis­ney’s stu­dio. “First you have to get the product right, wheth­er it’s the iPod or an anim­ated movie.” […]

Time and again since, Apple has eschewed calls to boost mar­ket share by mak­ing lower-end products or expand­ing into adja­cent mar­kets where the com­pany would­n’t be the lead­er. “I’m as proud of what we don’t do as I am of what we do,” Jobs often says. […] “Qual­ity is more import­ant than quant­ity, and in the end, it’s a bet­ter fin­an­cial decision any­way.”

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