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Guest Posts (2) – Thanks

Last week my friend Andrew Smith looked after the site and pub­lished three posts worthy of your time:

I’m now back home and free from jet lag, so your nor­mal ser­vice here at Lone Gun­man resumes tomor­row.

Please join me in thank­ing Andrew for his posts.

Guest Posts (2)

I’m away on vaca­tion, and last week dav­id (b) hayes took over Lone Gun­man and pro­duced this indis­pens­able sev­en-part guide, How to Inter­net:

This com­ing week, your host is Andrew Smith—a good friend and a guy with diverse (and good) taste.

I’ve known Andrew for a num­ber of years and he has con­sist­ently kept me enter­tained over drinks and on travels with inter­est­ing stor­ies and gen­er­ally inform­at­ive and enjoy­able con­ver­sa­tion. I’m look­ing for­ward to see­ing what he posts here over the com­ing week.

As always, Andrew is on Twit­ter (fol­low him here) and has a Tumblr blog (here).

One of Andrew’s cur­rent pas­sions is pub­lic speak­ing and stand-up com­edy. If you’re even remotely inter­ested in those top­ics you’ll want to keep an eye on his pub­lic speak­ing site, The Naked Speak­er.

Thanks to Dav­id and thanks to Andrew.

Guest Posts (1)

I’ve recently arrived in Seattle and over the com­ing two weeks will be slowly mak­ing my way down to San Fran­cisco. I’m on hol­i­day; life is good.

I’m aware that things have been quiet around here lately, so as a pre­lude to the “return” of Lone Gun­man I’ve got a couple of fine guest writers lined up while I’m away.

For the com­ing week your host is dav­id (b) hayes.

Dav­id recently got his own tag here on Lone Gun­man thanks to his won­der­ful post, Why You Hate Your Face­book Friends [LG]. How­ever it’s Dav­id’s linkblog, Link Banana, which has made the most impact here as it’s been the source of many of my favour­ite posts over the last few years.

His long form blog, Frozen Tooth­paste, is anoth­er a favour­ite read of mine. Of course, Dav­id is also on Twit­ter so fol­low him here.

Join me in wel­com­ing Dav­id by leav­ing com­ments on his posts.

Thanks to Dav­id and to you.

Guest Posts (3) – Thanks

For the past week you have been treated to Andrew Simone’s thoughts on pub­lish­ing. To recap, these were Andrew’s posts:

Now that I am back home and (rel­at­ively) free from jet lag I shall be resum­ing nor­mal ser­vice here at Lone Gun­man.

Please join me in thank­ing Andrew for these excel­lent posts.

Guest Posts (3)

Still away this week, and with my return flight date fast approach­ing, I have one final guest author wait­ing in the wings to enter­tain you.

For the com­ing few days you will be treated to the mus­ings of Andrew Simone.

Andrew is a thought­ful and amus­ing chap who writes over at the fant­ast­ic group blo­g cluster­flock (Andrew’s posts here) and Anti-Expert­ism, his per­son­al blog.

Of course, Andrew is also on Twit­ter and you can fol­low his micro-mus­ing­s here.