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Development of the Infant Brain

Look­ing primar­ily at the research of Alis­on Gopnik, Jonah Lehr­er looks at the devel­op­ment of the infant brain.

Gopnik argues that, in many respects, babies are more con­scious than adults. She com­pares the exper­i­ence of being a baby with that of watch­ing a riv­et­ing movie, or being a tour­ist in a for­eign city, where even the most mundane activ­it­ies seem new and excit­ing. “For a baby, every day is like going to Par­is for the first time,” Gopnik says. “Just go for a walk with a 2‑year-old. You’ll quickly real­ize that they’re see­ing things you don’t even notice.”

via Mind Hacks, which itself has a word of cau­tion about the claim that babies have more neur­ons than adults.

How We Decide

One of my favour­ite sci­ence writers—the edit­or at large of Seed Magazine, Jonah Lehr­er—has been inter­viewed by The Com­mon­wealth Club about his forth­com­ing book, The Decis­ive Moment/How We Decide (UK/US titles, respect­ively).

The video of the inter­view is full of excel­lent anec­dotes (backed-up by peer reviewed research) on many top­ics ran­ging from emo­tion­al and ration­al decision mak­ing to the tip-of-the-tongue effect and the placebo effect.

(For those of you who atten­ded Ignite Cardiff last night, Lehr­er dis­cusses a study very sim­il­ar to one I dis­cussed in my talk that you may find inter­est­ing.)