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Focus Points for Entrepreneurs

When someone asked for advice on How to become a mil­lion­aire in 3 years on Hack­er News, seri­al entre­pren­eur Jason Bap­tiste took the task ser­i­ously provid­ing thirty-sev­en things to focus on when start­ing a com­pany, includ­ing:

  • Mar­ket oppor­tun­ity
  • Inequal­ity of inform­a­tion
  • Sur­round your­self with smart people
  • Your primary met­ric should­n’t be dol­lars
  • If you do focus on a dol­lar amount, focus on the first $10,000
  • Get as many dis­tri­bu­tion chan­nels as pos­sible
  • Be a mas­ter of inform­a­tion
  • Be so good they can­’t ignore you
  • Give your­self every oppor­tun­ity you can
  • Look for the access­ory eco­sys­tem
  • Make the illi­quid, liquid
  • Don’t be emo­tion­al
  • Don’t leave things up to chance
  • Raise rev­en­ue, not fund­ing
  • Don’t get com­fort­able
  • Don’t skimp on the import­ant things
  • Keep the momentum going
  • Listen to (or read the tran­scrip­tions of) every Mix­ergy inter­view you can
  • Learn how to fil­ter

Jason goes into great detail for each item on his list, start­ing his post with the cla­ri­fic­a­tion that these tips are for mak­ing a suc­cess of a busi­ness endeav­our in “a short time frame” (i.e. not spe­cific­ally for mak­ing a mil­lion dol­lars in three years).