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100 Tips for Providing Perfect Restaurant Service

Bruce Buschel–author, co-cre­at­or of a music­al, dir­ect­or and producer–is open­ing a sea­food res­taur­ant in New York. In his Small Busi­ness column for The New York Times he offers 100 tips to ‘res­taur­ant staffers’ (wait­ing staff) on how to behave front of house (that’s the first 50 tips; here are the second 50).

I (unex­pec­tedly) found myself agree­ing with every item on this list. If only all res­taur­ants were like this.

The series ends with a fit­ting quote that we can all learn from:

Your most unhappy cus­tom­ers are your greatest source of learn­ing.

via Kot­tke