Lloyd MorganLone Gun­man is the ‘online note­pad’ of Lloyd Mor­gan and has served you nug­gets of inform­a­tion­al gold since 2008: this is my guide to Inter­net mis­cel­lanea and eso­ter­ica.

Inter­ested in psy­cho­logy, mar­ket­ing, food, films, books, pho­to­graphy, gen­er­al geekery, digit­al rights and wrongs, per­son­al devel­op­ment and—God forbid—politics, I’ll post items here for, well, no par­tic­u­lar reas­on.

What, no strapline?

Since mid-2010 Lone Gun­man has been ‘tagline free’ (and proudly so). Pre­vi­ous, short-lived slo­gans may help describe what I do here (i.e. a bit of everything with no spe­cif­ic aim oth­er than learn­ing):

2008–2009: Suck­ling on the Teat of (Mis)Information
2009–2010: In Search of The Infogasm

Why the name, Lone Gunman?

What’s up with that name, huh? Alas, there is no great story or reas­on­ing behind the choice: I was simply young and naïve when I first registered this ‘cool’ domain name and since then the name has stuck. My hatred for broken links and a pen­chant for tra­di­tion forces me to keep the site and name.

So there’s no mis­un­der­stand­ing, it’s worth not­ing the defin­i­tion of lone gun­man: “An indi­vidu­al per­son who acts on his or her own ini­ti­at­ive, without part­ners”.

This is exactly what I think of Lone Gun­man: I act alone; there is no grand scheme; a theme and plan will even­tu­ally reveal itself.

(Of course, while I do work alone on this site, count­less oth­ers help by post­ing their own thoughts online. Oh, and there’s the occa­sion­al guest author when I’m on vaca­tion.)

Everything else…

How often do I write here? Is there a sched­ule? A theme? What’s the point in it all?

To answer these ques­tions, first a quotes from Jeff Atwood:

I don’t care if any­one reads what I write here. I’m writ­ing to sat­is­fy myself first and fore­most. If oth­ers read it and bene­fit from it, fant­ast­ic – that’s a wel­come side effect. If I worry about who is read­ing, why they’re read­ing, or if any­one is even read­ing at all, I’d be too para­lyzed to write! That’d be the least pro­duct­ive out­come of all.

This is a place for cre­at­ing links between dis­par­ate ideas, con­sol­id­at­ing thoughts, stor­ing inter­est­ing find­ings, and shar­ing it all with the world (be it one per­son or a mil­lion).

I don’t pander to my audi­ence. I won’t edit or adapt the site, my com­ments or thoughts to try to per­suade my audi­ence. I will not con­des­cend or pat­ron­ise my audi­ence. I hope you stay a while.


Sug­ges­tions, com­ments, links and abuse? Send it all to i.am@lonegunman.co.uk (please keep LG: as the begin­ning of the sub­ject line) or con­tact me on Twit­ter: @LoneGunman or @fakelvis.