Common Cooking Mistakes

We all make mis­takes when cook­ing, right? Cook­ing Light says that “the cre­at­ive cook can often cook her way out of a kit­chen error, but the smart cook aims to pre­vent such cre­ativ­ity from being neces­sary”. In order to help you along your way to “smart cook” status, Cook­ing Light com­piled a list of forty-three com­mon cook­ing mis­takes you can learn to avoid.

Such mis­takes include: sli­cing meat with the grain, not ‘shock­ing’ veget­ables once they’ve reached the desired tex­ture, and not let­ting meats get to room tem­per­at­ure before put­ting them in the oven. I need to pay par­tic­u­lar atten­tion to com­mon mis­take num­ber one:

1. You don’t taste as you go.

Res­ult: The fla­vors or tex­tures of an oth­er­wise excel­lent dish are out of bal­ance or unap­peal­ing.

For most cooks, tast­ing is auto­mat­ic, but when it’s not, the price can be high. Recipes don’t always call for the “right” amount of season­ing, cook­ing times are estim­ates, and res­ults vary depend­ing on your ingredi­ents, your stove, altitude…and a mil­lion oth­er factors. Your pal­ate is the con­trol factor.

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