Guest Posts (2)

I’m away on vaca­tion, and last week dav­id (b) hayes took over Lone Gun­man and pro­duced this indis­pens­able sev­en-part guide, How to Inter­net:

This com­ing week, your host is Andrew Smith—a good friend and a guy with diverse (and good) taste.

I’ve known Andrew for a num­ber of years and he has con­sist­ently kept me enter­tained over drinks and on travels with inter­est­ing stor­ies and gen­er­ally inform­at­ive and enjoy­able con­ver­sa­tion. I’m look­ing for­ward to see­ing what he posts here over the com­ing week.

As always, Andrew is on Twit­ter (fol­low him here) and has a Tumblr blog (here).

One of Andrew’s cur­rent pas­sions is pub­lic speak­ing and stand-up com­edy. If you’re even remotely inter­ested in those top­ics you’ll want to keep an eye on his pub­lic speak­ing site, The Naked Speak­er.

Thanks to Dav­id and thanks to Andrew.