The Statistics of Wikipedia’s Fundraising Campaign

Yes­ter­day, 15th Janu­ary 2011, Wiki­pe­dia cel­eb­rated its tenth birth­day. Just over two weeks before, Wiki­pe­dia was also cel­eb­rat­ing the close of its 2010 fun­drais­ing cam­paign where over six­teen mil­lion dol­lars was raised from over half a mil­lion donors in just fifty days.

The 2010 cam­paign was billed as being data-driv­en, with the Wiki­pe­dia volun­teers “test­ing mes­sages, ban­ners, and land­ing pages & doing it all with an eye on integ­rity in data ana­lys­is”.

Nat­ur­ally, all of the test data, ana­lyses and find­ings are avail­able, provid­ing a fas­cin­at­ing over­view of Wikipedia’s large-scale and effect­ive cam­paign. Of par­tic­u­lar interest:

If you’re ever involved in any form of fun­drais­ing (online or off), this data­set is essen­tial reading–as will the planned “Fun­drais­ing Style Guide” that I hope will be released soon.

My favour­ite ban­ner, which got elim­in­ated toward the begin­ning of the cam­paign has to be:

One day people will look back and won­der what it was like not to know.

And if you’re inter­ested in what Jimmy Wales had to say about his face been fea­tured on almost every Wiki­pe­dia page for the dur­a­tion of the cam­paign, BBC’s recent pro­file on the Wiki­pe­dia founder will sat­is­fy your interest.

via @zambonini