Dark Patterns: Evil Design Patterns

I’ve looked at design pat­terns many times before: per­suas­ive pat­terns, anti-pat­terns and inter­ac­tion pat­terns. The miss­ing link: dark pat­terns.

Accord­ing to Harry Brignull–the design­er who really star­ted the dis­cus­sion on this topic–dark pat­terns can suc­cinctly be described as “user inter­faces designed to trick people” or “dirty tricks design­ers use to make people do stuff”.

Brignull first wrote about this type of design pat­tern back in July 2010, fol­lowed shortly by a dark pat­terns present­a­tion for design­ers and research­ers (29m 27s) and, more recently, a present­a­tion aimed at brand own­ers and mar­keters (25m 29s).

All of this leads to the Dark Pat­terns wiki: a list­ing of the most pop­u­lar meth­ods com­pan­ies use to trick people through their user inter­faces, includ­ing:

via Kot­tke