Sedentary Lifestyle? Exercise Isn’t Helping

A some­what sedent­ary life­style com­bined with reg­u­lar exer­cise is turn­ing us into what physiolo­gists are call­ing ‘act­ive couch potatoes’–and that exer­cise, no mat­ter how vigour­ous, does­n’t appear to be coun­ter­act­ing the neg­at­ive effects of that sedent­ary life­style.

In rats, this life­style was found to pro­duce “unhealthy cel­lu­lar changes in their muscles” and increase insulin res­ist­ance and fatty acid levels in their blood. In con­clu­sion: a mostly sedent­ary life­style is bad for us, regard­less of exer­cise habits.

[Stud­ies have shown] that, to no one’s sur­prise, the men who sat the most had the greatest risk of heart prob­lems. Men who spent more than 23 hours a week watch­ing TV and sit­ting in their cars (as pas­sen­gers or as drivers) had a 64 per­cent great­er chance of dying from heart dis­ease than those who sat for 11 hours a week or less. What was unex­pec­ted was that many of the men who sat long hours and developed heart prob­lems also exer­cised. Quite a few of them said they did so reg­u­larly and led act­ive life­styles. The men worked out, then sat in cars and in front of tele­vi­sions for hours, and their risk of heart dis­ease soared, des­pite the exer­cise. Their workouts did not coun­ter­act the ill effects of sit­ting. […]

Dec­ades ago, before the advent of com­puters, plasma TVs and Room­bas, people spent more time com­plet­ing ‘light-intens­ity activ­it­ies’ […] Nowadays, few of us accu­mu­late much light-intens­ity activ­ity. We’ve replaced those hours with sit­ting.

The physiolo­gic­al con­sequences are only slowly being untangled. […] Sci­ent­ists believe the changes are caused by a lack of mus­cu­lar con­trac­tions. If you sit for long hours, you exper­i­ence no ‘iso­met­ric con­trac­tion of the anti­grav­ity (pos­tur­al) muscles’. […] Your muscles, unused for hours at a time, change in subtle fash­ion, and as a res­ult, your risk for heart dis­ease, dia­betes and oth­er dis­eases can rise.

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  1. perfit hollywood fl

    Just like the say­ing “A kid that works hard, grows up tired”. But that does­n’t apply to every­body. It’s all about the mind­set and the heart. If these people wanted to be fit, they would do some­thing about the gradu­al unhealthy body symp­toms they are exper­i­en­cing. It’s not like these people get fat overnight.

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