Scaling Success and Bright-Spot Analysis

When there is a large-scale and wide-ran­ging prob­lem that needs a solu­tion, we should­n’t attempt to solve it with an equally large solu­tion but instead attempt to break the issue down and find outly­ing suc­cesses to rep­lic­ate.

That’s the wis­dom of Dan and Chip Heath–authors of Made to Stick and Switch–say­ing that to solve com­plex prob­lems we should change our way of think­ing to ‘bright-spot’ ana­lys­is and attempt to scale small suc­cesses.

That’s the first step to fix­ing everything from addic­tion to cor­por­ate mal­aise to mal­nu­tri­tion. A prob­lem may look hope­lessly com­plex. But there’s a game plan that can yield move­ment on even the toughest issues. And it starts with loc­at­ing a bright spot – a ray of hope. […]

Our ration­al brain has a prob­lem focus when it needs a solu­tion focus. If you are a man­ager, ask your­self, What is the ratio of the time you spend solv­ing prob­lems versus scal­ing suc­cesses?

We need to switch from archae­olo­gic­al prob­lem solv­ing to bright-spot evan­gel­iz­ing. […] Even in fail­ure there is suc­cess. […]

These flashes of suc­cess, these bright spots, can provide our road map for action – and the hope that change is pos­sible.

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