The Keynote MBA

Truth is, the great value in most MBA and JD pro­grams can be boiled down to 5 to 10 talks, present­a­tions, classes and con­ver­sa­tions that changed the way you exper­i­enced the world.

Fol­low­ing up on this com­ment, Jonath­an Fields presents The Sev­en Key­note MBA: sev­en key­note speeches, from a diverse group of people, that togeth­er Fields believes will provide you as much real-world advice as an MBA.

The talks (videos, length in par­en­theses):

  1. Guy Kawa­saki, TiECon 2006: The Art of the Start (39:46)
  2. Mal­colm Glad­well, TED 2004: What We Can Learn From Spa­ghetti Sauce (18:16)
  3. Gary Vayner­chuck, Web 2.0 Expo NY: Build­ing Per­son­al Brand With­in the Social Media Land­scape (15:27)
  4. Annie Leonard: The Story of Stuff (21:16)
  5. Jimmy Valvano, 1993 ESPY Awards: Arthur Ashe Cour­age and Human­it­ari­an Award accept­ance speech (9:59) (tran­script)
  6. Seth God­in, TED 2009: The Tribes We Lead (17:24)
  7. Tony Hsieh, Web 2.0 Sum­mit 08: Build­ing a Brand that Mat­ters (16:46)

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