Statistical Literacy Guides

I am suit­ably impressed by the clar­ity and breadth of the House of Com­mons Lib­rar­y’s stat­ist­ic­al lit­er­acy guide on How to spot spin and inap­pro­pri­ate use of stat­ist­ics (pdf, via @TimHarford).

A quick dig around the archives revealed a full series of stat­ist­ic­al lit­er­acy guides (all pdf), all of which are fant­ast­ic­ally read­able, access­ible and com­pre­hens­ive. These are must-read guides to what some people feel are com­plex, seem­ingly-mono­lith­ic­al sub­jects:

3 thoughts on “Statistical Literacy Guides

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  2. Patricia Wright

    I would like to know how to cre­ate quart­iles so I can apply the concept to tableau.

  3. Lloyd Morgan Post author


    This isn’t really the best place to ask such a ques­tion: this post is quite old now and gets very little traffic (and I don’t have the time to answer such ques­tions).

    How­ever, I ima­gine you may be able to find help with this at the Khan Academy.

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