MacLeod on Entrepreneurship

Hugh MacLeod shares a list of ran­dom thoughts on being an entre­pren­eur–a simple list of twenty-six inspir­a­tion­al tit­bits on busi­ness, pos­i­tion­ing and suc­cess.

My favour­ite five:

  • In a world of over-sup­ply and com­modi­fic­a­tion, you are no longer paid to sup­ply. You’re being paid to deliv­er some­thing else. What that is exactly, is not always obvi­ous.
  • People buy your product because it helps fill in the nar­rat­ive gaps in their lives.
  • You can either be cheapest or the best. I know which one I prefer.
  • People will always, always be in the mar­ket for a story that res­on­ates with them. Your product will either have this qual­ity or it won’t.
  • People remem­ber the qual­ity long after they’ve for­got­ten the price. Unless you try to rip them off.