Scores and Comparisons: Most Persuasive Feedback Method

Numer­ic and norm­at­ive feed­back (scores and com­par­at­ive inform­a­tion) is more per­suas­ive and effect­ive than text feed­back with only “self-rel­ev­ant data”, regard­less of the source. That’s accord­ing to a 2006 study look­ing at the best meth­ods for provid­ing feed­back to ‘lead­ers’:

This study invest­ig­ated the influ­ence of feed­back format (text versus numeric/normative) on lead­ers’ reac­tions to 360 degree feed­back received from bosses, dir­ect reports, and peers. Lead­ers who received numeric/normative feed­back reacted more favour­ably than those who received text feed­back regard­less of the source. […] These find­ings sug­gest that, con­trary to pre­dic­tions of feed­back inter­ven­tion the­ory (FIT), feed­back that provided scores and com­par­at­ive inform­a­tion was reacted to more pos­it­ively than text feed­back that provided only self-rel­ev­ant data. In addi­tion, neg­at­ive reac­tions to feed­back were det­ri­ment­al to future changes.

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