Summarising Joel on Software

Now that Joel Spol­sky has ‘retired’ from blog­ging at Joel on Soft­ware (in the format the site has been known for, at least), Jan Willem Boer is read­ing the entire back-cata­logue of entries and con­dens­ing the know­ledge with­in each essay into a single sen­tence (or two).

The res­ult is a stun­ning list of tips on run­ning a small busi­ness, pro­gram­ming best prac­tices, pro­ductiv­ity tips, tech­nic­al hir­ing prac­tices and entre­pren­eur­ship.

The series:

2 thoughts on “Summarising Joel on Software

  1. Yoav

    I’ve been vis­it­ing Joel’s site for about 8 years and was saddened when he decided to end its run, although the infre­quency of his post­ings over the last year led me to think it was going to hap­pen soon­er than later.

    It’s one of the few sites in which I have gone back and read all the archives, and it would’ve been one of the few sites in which I would’ve paid a fee to read.

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