How to Be Interesting

Rus­sell Dav­ies offers ten activ­it­ies that will lead to you being more inter­est­ing; includ­ing Start a blog, Keep a scrap­book, and Read. I believe you can sum them up into one piece of advice: Do some­thing.

Dav­ies com­piled the ten activities, believ­ing they will make a per­son more inter­est­ing, based on two assump­tions.  How­ever I believe the two assump­tions them­selves are the point that needs to be made:

The way to be inter­est­ing is to be inter­ested. You’ve got to find what’s inter­est­ing in everything, you’ve got to be good at noti­cing things, you’ve got to be good at listen­ing. If you find people (and things) inter­est­ing, they’ll find you inter­est­ing.

Inter­est­ing people are good at shar­ing. You can­’t be inter­ested in someone who won’t tell you any­thing. Being good at shar­ing is not the same as talk­ing and talk­ing and talk­ing. It means you share your ideas, you let people play with them and you’re good at talk­ing about them without hav­ing to talk about your­self.

via Ben Cas­nocha