Conversational Mannerisms of Geeks

I always put up a men­tal bar­ri­er when read­ing art­icles such as this as I am of the opin­ion that it is dif­fi­cult to suc­cess­fully pro­duce gen­er­al­it­ies about a sub­set of people unless you are quite intim­ate with their idio­syn­crasies.

Philip Guo over­came this bar­ri­er in his art­icle look­ing at the con­ver­sa­tion­al beha­viours of “geeks, nerds, and oth­er highly-smart tech­nic­al people”. These beha­viours:

  • Strug­gling with turn-tak­ing.
  • Obsess­ing over cor­rect­ness and com­plete­ness.
  • Pre­fer­ring exact numer­ic­al responses.
  • Using tech­nic­al terms without check­ing for under­stand­ing.
  • Focus­ing on the how rather than the what or the why.
  • Favor­ing com­plex­ity and detail over sim­pli­city in descrip­tions.
  • Rap­idly enu­mer­at­ing long lists of items.
  • Show­ing a lack of interest in out­ward appear­ances.
  • Evan­gel­iz­ing their favor­ite tech­no­lo­gies.

The Hack­er News thread dis­cuss­ing this art­icle is also worthy of a cas­u­al look.

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  1. Kimberly

    ‘Pre­fer­ring exact numer­ic­al responses’ is some­thing I recog­nise in both my fath­er and boy­friend, should I be wor­ried?

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