What People Pay For

As a nat­ur­al fol­low-up to his Mon­et­iz­ing Your Web App art­icle [pre­vi­ously], Dan Zam­bonini looks at user needs and what people are will­ing to pay for:

  • Time: Con­veni­ence, Effi­ciency, Imme­di­acy
  • Scarcity
  • Com­fort
  • Esteem: Id, Desirab­il­ity, Self-Image, Ego
  • Belong­ing: Rela­tion­ships, Sex, Affec­tion
  • Sur­viv­al: Health, Safety, Well­being
  • Fin­an­cial Secur­ity: Wealth, Suc­cess, Career
  • Enter­tain­ment: Emo­tion, Exper­i­ences
  • Intel­lec­tu­al Stim­u­la­tion: Cre­ativ­ity, Learn­ing, Expres­sion

I con­cur with this:

I highly recom­mend read­ing Kev­in Kelly’s bril­liant Bet­ter Than Free art­icle, where he dis­cusses the concept of “Gen­er­at­ives”: non-copy­able qual­it­ies that retain value in a digit­al age.

Those generatives: Imme­di­acy, Per­son­al­iz­a­tion, Inter­pret­a­tion, Authen­ti­city, Access­ib­il­ity, Embod­i­ment, Pat­ron­age and Find­ab­il­ity.