Ways of Reading, Writing, Learning

A Work­ing Lib­rar­y’s Ways of Read­ing could be called the nine rules of read­ing, writ­ing, and learn­ing.

My favour­ite three:

Always read with a pen in hand. The pen should be used both to mark the text you want to remem­ber and to write from where the text leaves you. Think of the text as the start­ing point for your own words.

Read­ing and writ­ing are not dis­crete activ­it­ies; they occur on a con­tinuüm, with read­ing at one end, writ­ing at the oth­er. The best read­ers spend their time some­where in between.

A good read­er reads attent­ively, not only listen­ing to what the writer says, but also to how she says it. This is how a read­er learns to write.

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