Charisma, con­fi­dence and being vocal are key to being per­ceived as a leader, Time sug­gests after sum­maris­ing some research on what makes peo­ple per­sua­sive leaders.

Social psy­chol­o­gists know that one way to be viewed as a leader in any group is sim­ply to act like one. Speak up, speak well and offer lots of ideas, and before long, peo­ple will begin doing what you say. This works well when lead­ers know what they’re talk­ing about, but what if they don’t? If some­one acts like a boss but thinks like a boob, is that still enough to stay on top?

The short answer is Yes, so “watch them closely and make sure they know what they’re doing and where they’re going”.

Read­ing about how we can be per­ceived as great man­agers sim­ply by alter­ing our exter­nal behav­iour (rather than alter­ing our inter­nal behav­iour or world view) reminded me of this piece, dis­cussing rea­sons man­agers become great (via Kot­tke). Rea­sons included:

  • Enjoy help­ing peo­ple grow.
  • Love cre­at­ing pos­i­tive environments.
  • Care deeply about the suc­cess and well being of their team.
  • Suc­ces­sion mentality.
  • Prac­tice of the golden rule: the ethic of reci­procity.
  • Self aware, includ­ing weaknesses.

The above was writ­ten as a com­pli­ment to Scott Berkum’s other list, rea­sons man­agers become ass­holes:

  • A boss they admired was an asshole.
  • They are inse­cure in their role.
  • They pre­fer intim­i­da­tion to leadership.
  • Their life sucks.
  • They lose their way.
  • Pro­mo­tion chasing.
  • Their man­age­ment chain is toxic.
  • The Peter Prin­ci­ple.
  • They’re not ass­holes, they’re just insen­si­tive or oblivious.
  • Madly in love with themselves.
  • They always were assholes.