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If you do happened to get signed by a pub­lish­ing house, odds are you won’t get the atten­tion you think you deserve. Once you fin­ish your book and actu­ally get it out there your job is just begin­ning:

“Being an author has become much more of an ongo­ing rela­tion­ship with your audi­ence through the Web, rather than just writ­ing a book and dis­ap­pear­ing while you write the next one,” says Liate Steh­lik, pub­lish­er of Wil­li­am Mor­row and Avon Books. “You have to be out there in the online world, talk­ing and par­ti­cip­at­ing.”

Authors are expec­ted to behave like mini-entre­pren­eurs, says Kamy Wicoff, founder and CEO of She Writes, a Web site devoted to help­ing women writers pro­mote their books. She star­ted the site in June. More than 4,000 writers have joined.

For just such occa­sions, Aus­tin Kle­on sug­gests authors cre­ate a blog­ger­’s kit:

Every­body’s heard of press kits, but the aim of a Blog­ger­’s Kit is spread­ab­il­ity–images and videos that are easy to embed, post, dis­sem­in­ate on the web.

The best place I can see this hap­pen­ing isn’t on a pub­lish­er­’s web­site, but on Flickr, the photo-shar­ing site. Flickr, unlike a pub­lish­er­’s web­site, is a destination–a place where people hang out, favor­ite pho­tos and com­ment. People love Flickr. They go there for inspir­a­tion. Pub­lish­ers should go there to meet them.

Here is a sample from Aus­tin’s kit for his newly released Black­out Poems:

I pick Aus­tin as an example because he is a fairly savvy web per­son­al­ity whose work is intrins­ic­ally con­nec­ted to paper. He under­stands that paper can be exploited in ways that HTML and CSS can­not, but sees the web’s power of “spread­ib­il­ity”, or what the social media gurus call “mar­ket­ing” and the rest of us call “con­ver­sa­tion.”

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  1. Brenda Estacio

    I am a new author and my fantasy nov­el, Gate­way To Dream­World, was released in August. I will definetly check out the site. I am all for help­ing oth­er new writers to get pro­moted. Hope to see every­one there.

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