Odds and Ends

A few quick links because this day is mov­ing faster than I anti­cip­ated.

elimae, pro­nounced el-ee-may, and stand­ing for elec­tron­ic lit­er­ary magazine, was foun­ded by Deron Bau­man in 1996 and has pub­lished essays, fic­tion, inter­views, poetry and reviews. At the end of 2004, Bau­man depar­ted to con­cen­trate on oth­er respons­ib­il­it­ies, and the edit­or­ship was assumed by Cooper Ren­ner.

Hon­est to good­ness great work cur­ated and edited monthly. Cooper cur­rently has his review of Wil­li­am Car­los Wil­li­ams reis­sued book In the Amer­ic­an Grain up:

Wil­li­ams pub­lished this book of essays like­wise con­cerned with voice but rather more with his­tory than myth, though myth lurks always nearby in any exam­in­a­tion of nation­al ori­gins. As one might expect from Wil­li­ams’ poetry, which often stands con­trary to the lit­er­ary Mod­ern­ism of his peers, In the Amer­ic­an Grainis a con­trari­an look at early Amer­ic­an his­tory, a “warts and all” approach which must have seemed espe­cially con­ten­tious in its time, when the United States was new to the circle of world powers and the ’20s were roar­ing hap­pily along.

Coop also does fine work in poetry him­self and I hap­pen to have a copy of his latest on my bed stand.

And then there is design­er Jonath­an McNicol who seri­al­izes books in the pub­lic domain and releases gor­geous  lay­outs in pdf format. His cur­rent pro­ject is a riff off the web’s darling meat­space pro­ject:

With the end of the sum­mer came the end of Infin­ite Sum­mer, but today marks the open­ing of a new iteration, Infin­ite Sum­mer: Drac­ula, and I’m happy to announce that I’ve signed on to provide a hand­somely type­set, easy-to-read ver­sion of Stoker’s clas­sic text to sup­ple­ment the pro­ject.

Here is the lay­out of the first chapter of Drac­ula to whet you pal­ate.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I blog with all of these gen­tle­man (Deron, Cooper, and Jonath­an) on cluster­flock.