Guest Posts (2) – Thanks

Still on vaca­tion, Dan Zam­bonini has been your host here on Lone Gun­man for the past week. While here, Dan pub­lished six items:

Trav­el­ling from Tokyo to Sydney and onwards to Mel­bourne over the last week I’ve had a little bit of time to pro­duce a few posts of my own.

This com­ing week I’ll be pro­du­cing some of my own post­s… but only a few. More guests posts soon.

Many thanks to Dan.

1 thought on “Guest Posts (2) – Thanks

  1. Paul

    Thanks Dan.

    I liked the DNA R/W art­icle. The best pro­gram­mers I know are not pro­gram­mers by pro­fes­sion but bio­lo­gists and elec­tric­al engin­eers, so it had a spe­cial rel­ev­ance for me.

    There are rarely many com­ments here, but lots and lots of quiet onlook­ers.

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