Guest Posts (2)

I’m away on vaca­tion, and last week Alex J. Mann took over Lone Gun­man for the week and pro­duced five thought­ful posts:

This com­ing week, your host is Dan Zambonini—a true Renais­sance man.

Dan is the co-founder of the excel­lent Box UK (“cre­at­ors of amaz­ing web apps” and much more besides) and not only has his own tag here at Lone Gun­man but also may be the source of more posts than any oth­er per­son.

Dan is a great per­son to fol­low on Twit­ter, and you can do that here. If you’re inter­ested in things web you should sub­scribe to Dan’s com­pany blog here, and if you love design, you should fol­low his per­son­al Tumblr-style blog here (where you can find fur­ther links to his many pro­jects in the side­bar).

On top of all this, Dan also helps to organ­ise some fine events around the UK. I spoke at one not too long ago (Ignite Cardiff) and now the first Ignite Lon­don is cur­rently lin­ing up speakers—one to watch.

Thanks to Alex and thanks to Dan.