The Principles of Edward Tufte

The prob­lem: “present­ing large amounts of inform­a­tion in a way that is com­pact, accur­ate, adequate for the pur­pose, and easy to under­stand”.

The solu­tion: Edward Tufte (actu­ally, the solu­tion is “to devel­op a con­sist­ent approach to the dis­play of graph­ics which enhances its dis­sem­in­a­tion, accur­acy, and ease of comprehension“… but that’s not as catchy).

Yes, it’s an art­icle out­lining Edward Tufte’s “work on the  use of graph­ics to dis­play quant­it­at­ive inform­a­tion”, as gleaned from his three books: The Visu­al Dis­play of Quant­it­at­ive Inform­a­tion, Visu­al Explan­a­tions, and Envi­sion­ing Inform­a­tion.

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