If, like me, you’re even remotely inter­ested in the dynam­ics of group psy­chol­ogy you’ve prob­a­bly already read a cou­ple of these. Nonethe­less, these 10 psy­chol­ogy stud­ies high­lighted as ‘rules’ gov­ern­ing groups are worth noting:

  1. Groups can arise from almost nothing
  2. Ini­ti­a­tion rites improve group evaluations
  3. Groups breed conformity
  4. Learn the ropes or be ostracised
  5. You become your job
  6. Lead­ers gain trust by conforming
  7. Groups can improve performance…
  8. …but peo­ple will loaf
  9. [Rumours are] 80% accurate
  10. Groups breed competition

via Mind Hacks