Female Sexuality Research: What Women Want

The ques­tion ‘What does a woman want?’ was, accord­ing to Freud, “The great ques­tion that has nev­er been answered”. One per­son try­ing to answer this ques­tion, how­ever, is Meredith Chivers—a psy­cho­lo­gist spe­cial­ising in sexu­al beha­viour whose work was extens­ively dis­cussed in The New York Times earli­er this year.

The art­icle, focus­ing on female sexu­al­ity, is eye-open­ing in many ways, espe­cially in show­ing the gulf between male and female sexu­al­ity.

The men, on aver­age, respon­ded gen­it­ally in what Chivers terms “cat­egory spe­cif­ic” ways. […] The men’s minds and gen­it­als were in agree­ment.

All was dif­fer­ent with the women. No mat­ter what their self-pro­claimed sexu­al ori­ent­a­tion, they showed, on the whole, strong and swift gen­it­al arous­al when the screen offered men with men, women with women and women with men. […] With the women, espe­cially the straight women, mind and gen­it­als seemed scarcely to belong to the same per­son.

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  1. tina

    How iron­ic that this would sug­gest the adage applied to men (‘they have two brains”) actu­ally applies to women.

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