What Maketh A Man?

The Observ­er asks what five ‘bril­liant’ writers believe ‘makes a man’. Jack­ie Collins goes for tal­ent, Tony Par­sons votes for pride, and Jonath­an Coe says chiv­alry… and con­fu­sion?

If I’m con­fused about mas­culin­ity, in any case, I think that puts me in pretty safe com­pany – the com­pany of every oth­er think­ing male in the coun­try. Because after the New Man débâcle came the 1990s waste­lands of Lad Cul­ture, and where does that leave us now? Our sexu­al polit­ics are in the same state as our nation­al polit­ics: con­fused, moribund, rud­der­less. Is it time to try to recov­er some essen­tials, to see if there might pos­sibly have been some vir­tue in that baby we so ruth­lessly threw out with all the chau­vin­ist bathwa­ter?

It’s actu­ally a good ques­tion to ask of your­self; What makes me a (wo)man?

As I said last month, accord­ing to Esquire I may not be all man.

2 thoughts on “What Maketh A Man?

  1. Lloyd Morgan Post author

    Hi Garlin,

    I read your post a few days ago after I saw you ‘tweet’ about it earli­er this week.

    It’s a very nice art­icle and I com­pletely agree with your sen­ti­ment than ‘man­hood’ is not gender-spe­cif­ic. This is pos­sibly the most import­ant thing.

    Thanks again, Garlin.

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