Body Language and Our Egocentric Blind Spot

BPS Research Digest reports on a study illus­trat­ing our appar­ent inab­il­ity to read insights into our per­son­al­it­ies from watch­ing a video of our own body lan­guage. We are, how­ever, quite adept at mak­ing reveal­ing insights on oth­ers from sim­il­ar videos, sug­gest­ing we have a sort of “ego­centric blind spot”.

Why can­’t we use a video of ourselves to improve the accur­acy of our self-per­cep­tion? One answer could lie in cog­nit­ive dis­son­ance – the need for us to hold con­sist­ent beliefs about ourselves. People may well be extremely reluct­ant to revise their self-per­cep­tions, even in the face of power­ful object­ive evid­ence.

In my mind I am link­ing this with an art­icle from The Naked Speak­er per­suad­ing you to video your speeches so that you don’t miss out on valu­able feed­back; some­thing I haven’t done for the few speeches I have giv­en and a piece of advice I def­in­itely plan on imple­ment­ing.