The Experience Response

Mark Hurst, author of Bit Lit­er­acy and host of the Gel con­fer­ence, takes a look at Microsoft’s Bing and dis­cusses the prob­lem with Microsoft’s cur­rent strategy and ways they can improve.

Cus­tom­ers online don’t respond to a brand mar­keted to them, they respond to the exper­i­ence they have. If they can accom­plish their goal quickly and eas­ily, they return to the site, and tell their friends. It’s that simple. And if one site already provides a good exper­i­ence, then there’s no need to con­sider switch­ing to some oth­er site, no mat­ter what the com­pany brags about itself in its ads.

In the con­text of what’s being dis­cussed (Microsoft’s recent advert­ising) I could­n’t agree more with the above sen­ti­ments (out of con­text, how­ever, I feel it’s not entirely accur­ate).