A Primer in Type Terminology

Dav­id’s lead encap­su­lates my thoughts on typo­graphy per­fectly: “I’m fas­cin­ated by typo­graphy even though I don’t under­stand a thing about it”.

Hope­fully this won’t be the case for much longer, as Paul Dean has writ­ten a five-part “type ter­min­o­logy tour de force”.

From the excel­lently illus­trated Ana­tomy of a Let­ter­form (part two):

They speak the arm (of, say, an E), the crotch (of an M), which could fur­ther be described as an acute crotch or an obtuse crotch, the ear (of some g’s), which might be a flat ear or a floppy ear, the eye (of an e), the leg (of a k), the shoulder (of an n), the tail (of a j or a Q), and the spine (of an S).

via Link Banana