The Longevity of Our Work

I’m not a Flash design­er, but Jonath­an Har­ris’ inspir­ing and rous­ing speech from Flash on the Beach 2008 really got me think­ing about the longev­ity of my work.

It appears that some attendees of the con­fer­ence felt Har­ris was admon­ish­ing the Flash com­munity. How­ever, after read­ing this speech I feel inspired and I can­’t help but think this was the inten­tion.

You will become known for doing what you do. This may sound obvi­ous, but it is a use­ful thing to real­ize. Many people seem to think they must endure a “rite of pas­sage” which, once passed, will allow them to do the kind of work they want to do. Then they end up dis­ap­poin­ted that this day nev­er comes. Find a way to do the work you want to do, even if it means work­ing nights and week­ends. Once you’ve done a hand­ful of excel­lent things in a giv­en way, you will become known as the per­son who does excel­lent things in that giv­en way. And that’s the per­son you want to be, because then people will hire you to be that per­son.