The Future of the Calendar

The cal­en­dar has the pos­sib­il­ity to become “the biggest soft­ware revolu­tion of the future”, says Scott Adams in an art­icle look­ing at how cru­cial time and prox­im­ity are in mak­ing inform­a­tion (more) rel­ev­ant.

I also found myself agree­ing with Adams’ thoughts on news:

When I read the news, I’m gen­er­ally most inter­ested in how stor­ies have unfol­ded across time. I want to know the “new news,” as in the top­ics that have nev­er been repor­ted until today, but I also want ongo­ing charts and graphs about the “old news” such as wars and the eco­nomy. My under­stand­ing of the war in Iraq, for example, has little to do with what blew up today and a lot to do with the trend lines over the entire war. In oth­er words, I see the news in terms of time.