Ending Foreign Aid to Africa

For­eign aid to Africa has turned the con­tin­ent into a ‘giant wel­fare state’ and is one of the dir­ect causes for the rise in poverty rates from 11% to 66% in recent times.

This is accord­ing to Afric­an author and eco­nom­ist Dambisa Moyo as she adds her voice to the grow­ing group of learned eco­nom­ists call­ing for an end to for­eign aid to Africa.

An inter­view with Moyo, for the magazine Guer­nica, offers a new way to look at for­eign aid and its impact on the receiv­ing coun­try and peoples.

I think the whole aid mod­el is couched in pity. I don’t want to cast asper­sions as to where that pity comes from. But I do think it’s based on pity because based on logic and evid­ence, it is very clear that aid does not work. And yet if you speak to some of the biggest sup­port­ers of aid, wheth­er they are aca­dem­ics or policy makers or celebrit­ies, their whole rationale for giv­ing more aid to Africa is not couched in logic or evid­ence; it’s based largely on emo­tion and pity.

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2 thoughts on “Ending Foreign Aid to Africa

  1. matt

    Not to be picky, but isn’t Africa a con­tin­ent, not a coun­try? This just jumped out at me.

    It’s funny how this post con­nects with the above one about the watch and sen­ti­ment­al­ity. The under­ly­ing assump­tion is that emo­tion is some­how fraud­u­lent or inval­id. If we acted purely on logic, per­haps the best solu­tion for Afric­an states is to move every­one into giant cit­ies –but clearly, this would be absurd.

    Giv­ing aid is prob­ably the easi­est solu­tion, where all the more effec­tu­al ones are com­plic­ated and/or dif­fi­cult.

    (love your blog!)

  2. Lloyd Morgan Post author

    Duly cor­rec­ted to ‘con­tin­ent’. Thanks for point­ing that out.

    I think the idea that “emo­tion is some­how fraud­u­lent or inval­id” is exactly what a lot of ration­al­ity and (beha­vi­our­al) eco­nom­ics research is con­clud­ing lately and it is exactly this that I find fas­cin­at­ing.

    Maybe the most import­ant ques­tion ‘How can we tell when to trust our emo­tions?’

    It appears that aid and char­ity may be two places where we should­n’t.

    Thanks for the com­ment, Matt.

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