Suicide: The One Truly Serious Philosophical Problem

A strangely inspir­ing art­icle comes out of this philo­soph­ic­al look at sui­cide—that prob­lem with which our spe­cies has been ‘gif­ted’. It feels like a call-to-action for your life.

We must recog­nize that there are mul­tiple forms of sui­cide. You can release your claim to life by means of a rope, a gun, a tall build­ing, or a bottle of pills. But you can also do it by more mundane means: by let­ting your life get stuck in a loop of repeated, shal­low days, like a skip­ping record stuck on a bor­ing track. In let­ting your future days become mere faded cop­ies of your past days, you may not physiolo­gic­ally die, but you cer­tainly cease to live. Some meth­ods of sui­cide are just slower and less delib­er­ate than oth­ers, but in that way per­haps they smack even more of cow­ardice.

I also con­grat­u­late the author on writ­ing a piece on sui­cide without resort­ing to tired Schopen­hauer quotes; some­thing I surely would­n’t be able to do!

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