How To Destroy a Marriage

In response to Dr Rob Dobrenski’s art­icle on why mar­riages fail (linked pre­vi­ously), The Last Psy­chi­at­rist looks at vari­ous “post-mar­riage accel­er­at­ors of divorce“—things you can do today to des­troy your mar­riage (lim­ited time offer):

  • Be con­temp­tu­ous
  • Bring your work home (emo­tion­ally)
  • Rush through your ‘fam­ily life’ in order to spend time with your­self
  • Be pain­fully hon­est with friends/colleagues about your rela­tion­ship
  • Com­mu­nic­ate through your kids
  • Refill hedon­ist­ic sup­plies (“look else­where for affirm­a­tion of iden­tity”)

TLP com­piled this list because he felt that Dr Dobrenski’s art­icle focused more on “reas­ons [that] are gen­er­ally of the type ‘unreal­ist­ic expect­a­tions’ or at least ‘the wrong impres­sion.’   In oth­er words, the mar­riages failed not because of what went on in the mar­riage, but because people were ori­ented wrong before they even got mar­ried.”